Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Quiet day. I received two potential opportunities for freelance projects yesterday. Well, one is a sure thing, they are gathering info and the other is potential from my former-co-worker-friend. :)

Reading 1984 (yeah, that old classic). I have not been able to finish it until now due to how dreary it is. I'll finish it this time… I'm pushing myself to do so since I know there's something in there that will be of value to me. If nothing else I'll value having read a classic book. It's SO depressingly DREARY though! In reality, 1984 was a pretty good year for me, being a kid and all.

[20 minutes][5.2 miles] - info to come

(60-90 grams protein and <30 grams carbs per day is ideal for me)
ground beef with shredded cabbage casserole
ground beef with shredded cabbage casserole

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