Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ozone rising

I don't know what that means… "ozone rising" but it seemed significant in my dreams last night. Maybe it's because Cro has been coughing so much over the last week due to being sick. Maybe because I get annoyed with how much traffic passes our home. The road seems to get more and more busy. Ozone rising.

Last night I also dreamt that I was searching out some dead dude's past and in order to get it I had to pretend to be after old growth logs. The dude's past was wrapped up inside a yam. Since a yam is a root I was able to obtain it on a technicality (roots… trees… old growth logs). Yeah, crazy complicated dreams.

My fav artist was eliminated from the FaceOff competition last night. I think ima see if he has a facebook and friend him. He may not have been the best but I loved how he would get so excited and into his work as soon as an idea overtook him. I can relate to that feeling of focus and excitement in my own work.

[10 minutes][2.1 miles]

(60-90 grams protein and <30 grams carbs per day is ideal for me)
cocoa roast almonds [6 protein][3 carbs]
"Nut-rition Men's Health mix (hey, I'm not a man but I like pistachios too  [8 protein][3 carbs]
1TBSP peanut butter
brussels sprouts (oh wow. I forgot how yummy these can be when roasted in olive oil)

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