Friday, April 26, 2013

Biz to the A

Is it Friday? I think my internal clock got a bit messed up due to working late, going to bed straight from working very late (no reading, no tv, no nuffin') and getting up early this morning to jump right back into yesterday's project.

The good thing about all of this marathon work (with extra fee for expediting the project… the client insisted on paying more for the rush!) is that I earned in one day(and night)(and next morning) what I would normally make in a two-week period at the agency I used to slave for.

I was creating a huge email with links to the work all organized and tidy 'n stuff when I took a call, answered questions and made quotes for another client's project. Then back to the huge email, sent it and whew… I can finally sort-of breath.

Cro worked late (as usual) and was the only person there when some KFC representatives dropped by his office with coupons for free food. So cool. Cro texted me to ask what I would like and so I had a free meal of KFC grilled chicken and green beans. Yum! I have half of it leftover for lunch today. :D Winner Winner Free Chicken Dinner!

*update: oh how could I forget to mention this… the delinquent client sent a payment!!! They still owe me 3k, but wow I'm so happy they are making payments without my having to involve the attorney. Woot!!!

I have to remember days like this when I worry about days when I don't have enough work (and I worry way too much). Freelance = feast or famine for sure.

[no time yet]

(60-90 grams protein and <30 grams carbs per day is ideal for me)
tbsp peanut butter
KFC grilled chicken (mmm, low-carb goodness)
green beans

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