Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It's been a busy and stressful two days. I love it.

I finished big edits to one new site and have another site on my list to get started before end of the week. The Texas home builder has been quiet for now, but I'm sure I'll get website maintenance work from them before the week is out.

And now I have a minute to breathe.

A thunderstorm is making itself known with lots of BOOM BOOM, rain and wind. I got the mail yesterday barefoot (first time barefoot outside this year!) It's going to be too wet and cold to do that again this week. 70F and storms tomorrow and Thursday and only 50F Friday and going into the weekend. brrr

Buddy Cat has developed a bad habit of whining to wake us up in the mornings. By whining I don't mean soft, high-pitched meows. I mean MEORRROOOWWWW!!! RAAAOOOOWWWW!!! MAORRRRWWWW!!!

It seriously sounds like a dissatisfied spawn of hell. I got up early to try to head off the horrible yowling by serving his morning can of moist food, topping off his dry food, and refreshing his water bowl. Not long after… YOOOOOOWWWWWLLL!!! RAAAOOOWWWW!!! MAORRRWWWW!!!

I followed his voice to find him standing in the bathroom, looking at our new shower. There is absolutely nothing for him in there other than a room with good acoustics.

Crazy demon spawn… I mean cat.

[15 minutes][3 miles]

(60-90 grams protein and <30 grams carbs per day is ideal for me)
a spoon of peanut butter
Hebrew National hotdog with diced onion
1 servings of CarbSmart ice cream


  1. He must like the acoustics of the new shower!

  2. Ha, maybe. He does get good sound in there. Cro thinks that he was letting us know that something has changed and at his age he doesn't approve of change. Change bad! ROAAAAWWW!!!


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