Monday, April 22, 2013

ups & downs

My cousin's daughter is definitely staying with us this summer (we got word from her Saturday). There is so much to do in preparing for her to be here. I'm going to pack up everything in one of our back bedrooms so she can have that room as her own for the summer. We've never had a border so this will be an adventure. She doesn't have a vehicle and tells me that she plans to use public transportation or walk to get to and from her internship. We don't live on a bus line so she'll have to do both (walk to the bus stop and ride the bus to her destination).

The client who is over a year delinquent in paying their invoices replied to an email from me to say they would like to set up a payment plan of $1k per month starting 4/15. I happily agreed to that. Well, it's 4/22 and I still have not received payment from them. I am so frustrated and am going turn it over to my attorney if I've received nothing by Wednesday. *sigh* I was so happy when they replied and it seemed they were going to pay. They haven't responded to follow-up email. I'm depressed about it again but have given them every opportunity.

*update: The delinquent client emailed a few minutes ago to apologize for the delay, explain that an emergency kept them from their office last week, and to let me know that a check would be sent out today. I'm both happy and skeptical. I guess I'll know by mid week whether or not a check arrives.

*another update: I got an email from a new client (large agency) that I did a small bit of knowledge-share (mentoring, teaching, what-have-you) work for. Another project that they asked me to quote last week has been approved so they sent an official PO. I then received a text from my former co-worker saying that his company has a project for me if I have time. Yes. :) An hour or so later I got a voicemail from his company asking if I could call in the morning to let them know if I would be available to work on a project. lol… when it rains it pours. :) I have yet to find out if these three people are all referring to the same project or three individual projects. Either way I'm swimming in work. I did a small project for another client who asked if I could do it over the weekend because it was urgent. I did, and I billed my weekend rate. :P I'm also still in the middle of two website projects for the small agency and have a dozen or so websites they want to migrate to my server when I have time. Yeah, swimming in work! cool. :)

[20 minutes][5 miles]

(60-90 grams protein and <30 grams carbs per day is ideal for me)
tbsp peanut butter


  1. Fun about the cousin! No fun about the non-payer! Crossing my fingers that you will get the check. He doesn't know who he is messin' with!

  2. Do what I do: nab client's youngest child and keep him/her tied up in your basement until bill is paid. It always works. ALWAYS!


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