Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on Buddy Cat

He is doing much better!

Several days ago I woke up after a night of worry about Buddy's howling. I mentioned to Cro that morning that it may be close to time to let Buddy go (have him euthanized).

I committed to this kitty 17 years ago and knew that the end of his life would someday come. It isn't easy but it's part of being a good kitty-mommy. I cried even though this isn't a surprise to me, but I wasn't ready to rush the "putting to sleep" decision either. It was so difficult to hear him howl as if he was lost, afraid, confused, alone.

Skip ahead to today and I can say that he seems back to his old self. The deeply disturbed howling has stopped and he seems happy again. :)

Cro bought a kitty fountain for him, which Buddy lov-lov-loves! Cro also brought home some new dry kibble that is grain-free and may even help him gain some weight back. Buddy likes the new dry food so much that he doesn't even seem to care about canned food. I still offer him a can as a treat once per day, but last week he was demanding it twice per day and not even touching the old brand of dry food.

Patsy included Buddy in a Reiki session for pets. I'm not versed in Reiki but if it is anything like the power of positive thoughts it seems to be a good thing. :)

Here are a few videos of Buddy and his new water fountain.



  1. Buddy still doing better? Miss your face!

  2. Angie, I'm still alive and will be back to blogging in a month or so. I emailed you with more details.

    Yes, Buddy is still doing better regarding the old age thing and the howling. He is still a demanding little cuss though but I've adjusted to getting up to give him his canned food was early (like 4:45am sometimes). That keeps him from waking the whole house.

  3. How are things going Miss Oct?

  4. Although I love my company very much, I must say it's a big adjustment for both Cro and I to have a house guest for this long. ;) Buddy Cat suddenly started drastically limping yesterday and is howling in an entirely new manner. This one is more like an "I'm frightened, please help me" sort of howl. Higher pitched and more of a plea than a demand. I held him on my lap for hours last night. Cro thinks he might have had a stroke. :( There really isn't anything that can be done for him other than lots of love and comfort. He still makes his way into the kitchen to eat and he drinks lots. It's been a long summer.


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