Thursday, August 22, 2013

beginning the search

Beginning to search for our next kitten, though it may take some time. I miss our Buddy Cat every day and find myself turning my head to shadows in the room when I walk through the house in the evenings. Cro says he does this too. We miss him.

Anyway, here is communication from a guy who has a melanistic F5 Savannah up for adoption. I think we want either a Savannah or a Bengal.

Though this kitten looks like a healthy and playful boy, we've been told that he had conjunctivitis. I think that is an infection that is both contagious and can reoccur. I think we need to get a kitty that doesn't come with risk of infecting the sugar gliders, us, and may also need reoccurring treatment himself. I plan to discuss this with our vet. update from vet: feline conjunctivitis is species specific (so not transmutable to the sugar gliders or to us). It could be reoccurring for the kitten throughout his life though - Cro told me that too.

What do you guys think?

From the guy with the kitten to adopt:
The couple interested in the Black male couldn't make it tonight and no deposit was put down. He is really a super friendly, unique kitten. Loves to climb on up on your shoulders. He had a bad reaction to his shots and ended getting conjunctivitis and his inside right eye lid is bleached white, probably from the medicine. You can see it in the picture on the website. Hence his low price.
Here's an ok a video of him... I need to make one that captures his personality... playing fetch and such.

Here are a couple of pics (SheZug cant view the video).


  1. My internet sucks so I couldn't get the video to load. Sounds like he would be a special needs kitty and I think you and Cro would make great parents for him!

  2. Adopt -- Don't shop! Whatever kitty you choose will be lucky to be in your forever home.

  3. we are picking up our "special needs kitty" as SheZug called him, tomorrow. Monday morning will be his first visit with our vet so we can be on top of whatever help he might need for his little eyes.

  4. How is the little guy doing? How was his first night home?


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