Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He is dying

Buddy didn't eat anything yesterday except a taste (one lick) of the milk and a taste of wet food gravy and I didn't see him sitting in front of his kitty water fountain drinking as he usually does. I washed his wet food bowl and put in some fresh wet food gravy. After taking a sniff he threw up (which was just a small bit of stomach fluid). He then just sat there, frail and shaking.

I then picked him up, pet him and spoke soft words and set him in front of his kitty waterfall. He did end up taking a drink (see video) but it was a short drink after sitting there looking at the waterfall for several minutes. He then hobbled back to sit under the piano. His back legs barely seem to work now.

I haven't seen him go to the litter box for a couple of days and was actually planning to set up a litter box upstairs since it doesn't seem like he can even move easily from one room to another, let alone go downstairs for the litter box. After watching him this morning, I don't think he is going to last much longer.

I think he's done. :(

If he is still sitting in the same spot when Cro gets home I think it's time to help him pass… euthanization. It's a big heart aching decision. I've read that letting them die at home can actually be a cruelty since it could take much longer and be more traumatic than we realize. I don't know what is best. Cro will be good counsel as will the vet.


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