Thursday, August 29, 2013

lack of zzz

I was up until nearly midnight working on the stadium LED wrap project and got up again at 4ish with the fear that "oh no. I didn't treat it like it would be viewed wrapped around a ring rather than as a long, flat banner." Anyway, I spent probably a half an hour coming up with how I would modify it (this was before I got out of bed). It has to go to the stadium by Friday and the ad agency will need to review and ask for possible modifications first, so yeah, I was a little frantic to get it completed.

Once I got up, mixed food for Loki so he would stop crying, and got to it, it went together like a miracle. I think that 30 minutes of planning in my head before I got up was the reason. I finished, uploaded the files to Dropbox and sent an email with link to the client all before 6am. Then I went back to bed, lol.

Loki has decided he will sleep next to me for two nights in a row. Last night he did seek less fidgety grounds after an hour or so but was back and snuggling when I went back to bed in the early morning. He is a VERY expressive and VERY clingy kitten who spends every waking moment looking for something to dismantle or destroy. Thankfully he sleeps lots more than he is awake.

Cro wasn't feeling very well when he left for work this morning. He wasn't feeling very well yesterday either. :( Friday is end of the month and super late work day for him so at least he gets to sleep in a little. He probably won't make it home until midnight, Friday night.

And then it's the weekend! :D

My meals for today:
- 6 peanuts
- 1 ground beef patty with half a jalapeno cheese stick and topped with a little pico de gallo
- probably Dreamfield rotini, especially since I didn't have it yesterday
- maybe a handful of cashews

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