Monday, August 26, 2013

meet Loki

Yes, we fell in love and after much consideration and giving the sugar gliders their very own room now that my cousin has moved out again, we adopted Loki (he is named after that trickster lord Loki so I expect our little guy will be a bit mischievous).

It was a 4 hour drive to pick him up and over 3.5 hours to get him back to his new home. Below are a few photos of the journey there and back again (it sounds a bit like the Hobbit movie doesn't it? No orcs though, just nasty toll roads).

We got to meet some of Loki's brothers and sisters, his mom and dad, aunts and uncles and see an African Serval (not his great great grandad Keystone though, the one we saw is Rafiki.).

The breeder was such a nice guy and spent time to tell us about our new baby kitty and about how Savannah cats are more sensitive to vaccinations and medications so we will have to take special care to ensure he gets what he needs.

Anyway, back to the story. It was a long drive to pick him up then we stayed with the breeder for 45minutes or so as he told us about Loki and gave us a tour of the cattery. This was a much different experience from adopting Buddy. Buddy was a shelter kitty who we had the privilege of pampering for the rest of his life. Cro wanted this kitty to be from wild lineage (Cro is the retired circus tiger rescue guy, ya know) and so we had to find a specialty breeder for our new baby.

Then we put him in the pet carrier with a soft blanket in the bottom. Loki cried most of the way home and was so happy to finally arrive and get out of the box!

I set up his kitty litter and mixed his kitten food (.25 cup of Royal Canin kitten food mixed with 1 can of Fancy Feast Turkey flavor for kittens). He dug into the food immediately and polished it off in no time at all. Hungry baby!!!

He played lots and napped lots and slept with us all night only to wake us up at 5am the next morning for some more kitten food. He gets fed twice per day but the breeder said he could have three servings per day if we decide he needs more.

When I scoop his litter he thinks it is a game and so does his best to pounce on the scoop and play a game of "That's mine!". So I lift him out multiple times so I can do a good job of scooping everything he's left to scoop. lol

videoHe loves to follow us anytime we go from room to room and is utterly fascinated by the sugar glider cage. They are in a separate room but he just has to follow me in when I'm tending to their dinner. He isn't fooled by them being in their sleeping pouch. He knows they are in there and cries when I shut the room door to keep him out.

The sugar gliders, however, aren't afraid at all and are super curious. I know they would love to be friends but it just isn't going to be allowed. He would eat them! So no. They get their own room and our playtime with them is never with Loki in the room. Loki does make a fuss outside the door though. Meow!!!! Meow!!! Meow!!! and then he wonders off.


  1. What a cute little guy! I just realized you replaced your black male with another black male and I replaced my female tortie with another female tortie. We like what we like huh?

  2. HaHa, yes. I told Cro a few years ago that I wanted him to choose our next kitty when the time came, but I would like for whatever he picks to be a male and to be melanistic if mhgtre (<< Loki wrote that word, lol) melanistic if possible. I don't think I've ever had a kitty that wasn't black. I did tell him that if he needed to choose one with color to please let it be an orange with spots rather than silver with spots. I don't know if temperament has anything to do with whether they are male or female, but you are right, we like what we like… we often lean toward what we know.

  3. Lookie Loki! Sooo adorable. In my opinion, a house is not a home without fur babies... :)

  4. I agree. A home with no fur babies is the sad.


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