Tuesday, August 27, 2013

no sleep till Brooklyn!!! (or until he's no longer a kitten)

So Loki likes to hang out with me all day. ALL day. He likes to sit on my shoulder as I work until he gets too sleepy to hold himself up. Then he likes to slide down to sleep on my arm. I try putting him on the floor but it isn't half a minute before he is sleeping on my arm again.

My constant pal, shoulder gargoyle, pauldron with claws.
I thought I would use a scarf as a sleeping kitty sling. That worked for awhile but I need to come up with a better sling that he won't slide out of when he goes into deep sleep.

Anyway, he is adorable and I've never had a kitty who was so clingy, but the daytime sleeping means no sleep in the evening when we are off work and ready to relax.

Last night he couldn't hold still. He knocked every loose object off of every surface that he could reach, which is just about all of them given how long of leg he is. He even knocked over a table lamp behind the chair I was watching television from. That lamp was heavy and could have easily squished him or given me a bad bump on the head.

I moved all of the "paw battable" items off of my desk, put the lamp in the extra room (behind a closed door), put aluminum foil over the television stand in hopes that it would deter him from jumping up there… nope… and did a lot of exasperated sighing. *sigh* babies! lol

Cro plans to get him some more toys to help wear him out (suggestions? I thought about that ball that's inclosed in a circular track) and I'm going to try not to allow him to nap all day (which is difficult because when he is awake I spend more time keeping him out of trouble than I do working). Cro is also going to work on a play-tree for the sugar gliders. So cool!

But given all of his kitten energy, we love him and will adjust to this little tornado… catnado.

In other news, my cousin is back to university and we have the run of our own home again. It was nice having her but also reaffirmed our choice not to have kids. lol

Some of you know about my duffus self-inflicted Jeep accident and resulting knee injury and some of you don't. Let me just say that being able to use the recumbent bike and rehabilitating my knee again is probably what I will blog about for awhile. Boring stuff. :P

Freelance is suddenly very busy. I have another stadium wrap to do as of a moment ago, two sets of web banner ad project (two different clients), a Mindfire project to complete, a website project to complete, and ongoing updates for multiple website clients. I think I've gotten pretty good at handling work overload stress. Matt wants to see a movie Thursday late afternoon and I have a hair salon appointment Friday evening (but that's too far away to think about right now.

HAHA! Loki has slid down to the small of my back and is comfortably sleeping against my back and the office chair. This is actually a very good spot for me to be able to work. :) And he is keeping my back nice and warm.

Meals today:
- a few peanuts
- Dreamfield rotini with a packet of powered cheese
- a handful of cashews

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  1. My baby has a big variety of toys. Feather toys, balls in a box that has holes on the sides with a scratching pad on top, stuffed animals for her to hunt and kill. Balls,mice, and all sorts of other goodies. Every time I go to the pet store for her food I get her something new. Her favorite game is fetch!


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