Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick update

I've been buried in work this week and more keeps coming to me. It's a pretty cool situation. :)

Loki is asleep and not on me! This is an awesome development because he can be so insistent, stubborn, and tenacious to the point of maddening and today I don't have time for that! I put Buddy's old "Princess and the Pea" pillow on top of the short bookshelf that is right beside my desk. He seems to like both the height and proximity to me. He opens his eyes once in awhile to be sure I haven't left him and when he sees me and I look over I see such total love and happiness in those little kitty eyes.

Tonight is Cro's late night at work and I have a hair salon appointment at 5:30. I just sent another "final" file addressing the latest (second for today) round of stadium LED revisions. I let the client know that if there will be any more changes that I need them quick since I have to leave at 5:10. Their stadium LED spot had to be to the stadium graphics dude by end of day today, and that is quickly approaching.

I have some online banner ads that they (same big agency client) just requested. They need to have first drafts to show their client Wednesday… but they don't want me to work on the holiday. :P I already need to work some on the holiday on the small agency's Cross Media campaign so Tuesday will be entirely dedicated to the big agency's banner ads.

I've also taken care of a few website update requests from one of my Texas home builder clients.

work work work work work work work. :) But it's a three-day weekend so nothing new will come in on Monday while everyone is on holiday.

My meals today:
- 8 cashews
- 1 ground beef patty topped with peppadews (yay, thank you honey), pico de gallo and jalapeno-motz string cheese
- Carbmaster yogurt
- maybe a serving of Dreamfield rotini later

I want to make these again soon and so am posting the recipe so I can find it:

Here's how I made the sausage meatballs:
2 lb Tennessee Pride spicy hot sausage (100 protein, 0 carb)
32oz sharp cheddar (448 protein, 64 carbs)
1.5 cup Bisquick (13.5 protein, 113 carbs)
Divided by 60 meatballs = (9 protein, 3 carbs each)

Roll into raw meatballs (mine where about the size of an egg), space out on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

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