Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SheZug left a comment asking how things were, so this update is just an expansion of my reply so all of you can read this little snippet of how I'm doing.

SheZug: How are things going Miss Oct?

Me: Although I love my company very much, I must say it's a big adjustment for both Cro and I to have a house guest for this long. ;)

Buddy Cat suddenly started drastically limping yesterday and is howling in an entirely new manner. This one is more like an "I'm frightened, please help me" sort of howl. Higher pitched and more of a plea than a demand.

I held him on my lap for hours last night. Cro thinks he might have had a stroke. :( There really isn't anything that can be done for him other than lots of love and comfort. He still makes his way into the kitchen to eat and he drinks lots. It's been a long summer.

A quick expansion:
Buddy continues to cry now and then today. Right now he is sleeping under my desk, near my bare feet. He has been refusing to eat anything except the "gravy" from his wet food. I am making sure that he has lots of that gravy. I also gave him a saucer of whole milk earlier.

Poor old Buddy. This morning I felt like I was on kitty death watch. :( I hope with time and lots of kitty-food gravy he recovers.

Limpy Buddy

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