Wednesday, August 28, 2013

spooky things

In the name of procrastinating for a few minutes, I'll share a spooky thing that happened yesterday.

If you have been reading my blog long, you know that Buddy Cat would express his displeasure with my telling him "no" or "get down" by sulking to the dry flowers that I keep in a vase on top of the piano and munching on them until I would notice and come into the room to tell him "NO" once again.

Yesterday I heard the familiar "crunch, crunch, crunch" and walked into the room to see Loki sitting on the piano and chomping on my dried flowers.

Okay, that by itself isn't spooky but just a little while later Loki brought Buddy's old collar into the room where we were and proceeded to bat it all around just to hear it jingle. Buddy's old collar is the one memento I kept of him and I had placed it around the top of an empty ceramic pot.

Spooky? I guess it depends on your mindset. :P Was Buddy trying to get my attention from beyond? Or was it just Loki getting into things he shouldn't again.

It was more likely just Loki getting into everything he can reach. lol

We had to take some tribal masks of Cro's off the wall yesterday because Loki was fascinated and determined that he would leap to knock them down regardless of what else he might destroy.

I don't know if any of you have experienced a pet's stubborn determination to do the thing that you say "NO" to but I'm sure it isn't that rare. Sometimes it's just easier to remove the temptation.

My meals today:
- 8 peanuts
- 1 ground beef patty
- .25 cup of pico de gallo
- 2 jalapeƱo and moz string cheese
- Dreamfield rotini with cheese later… maybe nope, not today

Below is a little video of Loki's homecoming.



  1. Abby has done a few Sadie things and I always ask her if Sadie showed her. Sometimes she goes and sits next to Sadie's urn. I have it on a low shelf.

    Annoying habit of Abby's? Clawing the sofas! She is so stinking stubborn and will do it even if I get up. She's torn up our loveseat.

  2. I think that Buddy cat is Loki! Or vice-versa... but then again, I'm totally crazy ;)


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