Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a house full of ills

The kitten is back from his surgery and despite being SUPER ENERGIZED when he got home last night he is wiped out this morning and didn't even wake me up for his breakfast.

I gave him the first of two pain pills (he gets the other one tomorrow morning). Hopefully that will put him back to himself soon. It's very odd to see him sleeping so long. He must be achy and hurty today. He is usually filled with energy but not like last night. The pain meds from surgery must have made him feel invincible.

Cro has left for work but still isn't feeling well.  He took a cold-flu sleep aid last night and was out like a light by 9:30. Loki eventually wore off his SUPER ENERGY and slept like the dead. I'm not sick as of yet *knock on wood* though I am very stuffy.

When I walked into the vet office I said "I'm here for Loki." A man who was in line with his puppy dog looked at me funny. The receptionist told me after he left that his dog was also named Loki. Ha! He must have momentarily thought I wanted to take his dog. Nope! Loki kitten! Cro suggested "Smaug" for a name… maybe we should have gone with that. But this kitten is SO MUCH a Loki! And I didn't want people calling him SmOWg like they pronounce it in The Hobbit. "Smog" I could have lived with but not SmOWg.

Mom called to tell me that she LOVED the songs I chose for her ipod shuffle. "They are all fast and great for my walks", she said.

Mom also told me that Duke Energy is going to drop her from the lifetime health insurance that dad thought he had set her up for. I did a bit of reading and it seems that Duke Energy is dropping many retirees and their spouses from health insurance. The retirees and spouses are then required to purchase individual policies with a specified company to even receive "support" of a yet undisclosed amount.

Hmm. Someone had an accident very near my house.
That is too evil for words and though I'm not yet sure what mom is going to do, I do know that she MUST have health insurance. Duke Energy = greedy and despicable super villains. I'm sure dad is rolling over in his grave, as they say. What most worries me is that mom needs her monthly treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. She would quickly become crippled without it. I just learned of this for the first time last night so you are getting my shocked reaction.

And in happier news:

My meals:
- pumpkin soup - oh yum!
- peanuts

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