Thursday, September 19, 2013

an Insidious day

Seriously, today has started off being a hell day but I think most of that is behind me. Just a few more things and we are all good.

Firstly, big agency client had a ton of banner ad projects for me this week. I scrambled to get them all completed last night (after hours). This morning I had revision requests that were sent 2 hours after I logged out last night. I scrambled again (no eggs involved) and got the revisions done. The client is happy, I'm happy and… oh wait here comes more client work.

So next I did some work on the small agency client's cross-media marketing campaign. That one is so very close to being ready to test.

I also did some website additions for one of the Texas home builder clients.

And that's all for now work-wise. Yay.

I got a check from the non-paying client! But it was only for a third of what they owe me and the note line said "balance". Do they think I'm an idiot? I called the attorney. She said "Don't cash that check!" Well yeah, I'm not accepting a third of what they owe as the "balance". The attorney asked me to mail her the check and she would compose a note to the non-paying client that pretty much said Here's your check. We don't accept this amount as the balance owed. Nice Try. lol. In reality the note says that I don't accept the check as balance but we will settle for x-amount (a bit less than what they owe). If X-amount is received by X-date (before the hearing) we will be happy and drop the lawsuit.

Grumbles. I really hate having to take someone to court to get paid for the work I did for them. What I hate even more though is seeing this client selling a product that is packaged in my design when they haven't paid for that work. Matt did a lot of work for them too and says they haven't been paying him either.


The real Insidious  2 is tonight! The movie! With Matt! Yay! I'm also giving him several bags of adult cat food that are taking up room in our cupboards. He is excited and so am I.

And the last bit of insidiousness other than a dream I had the other night in which I died (I fell into a grain silo and knew I was a goner so I said a prayer and then I woke up)… (it was a grain silo full of cherries, btw… I wonder what that means in the world of dream interpretation)

…the last bit of insidiousness I have to post about today is some mysterious "RAAAAA" noise has been coming from outside all day. Is it a sick alpaca?, sick deer? sick donkey? sick demon? something hit by a car? I looked outside but I don't see anything. Since I live in the suburbs of Indianapolis it doesn't make much sense for it to be a farm animal. I made this little video to capture the sound. It's very faint on the video but it happens right before I say "What was that?"


My meals:
- Carbmaster yogurt with some diced cashews
- 2 sausage meatballs
- handful of peanuts
- dunno


  1. I have a simple way to deal with non-paying clients: it's pretty complicated, but the basic gist is that you corner them in a dark alley and beat the crap out of 'em with an aluminum baseball bat. Okay, so it's not all that complicated...

  2. I'd like to lock them in a room alone with whatever the hell is making that noise. RAAAAA! It's still going on. It makes me think that it can't possibly be a real living animal. But what else goes RAAAAA! every 3 minutes or so… all day! Freaky!

  3. They have to be insane to send you the check and expect you to cash it.

    I'm going to put my headphones in to see if I can hear the raaaa sound better.

    Did you ever find out what it is??

  4. I told Matt about the "balance" check last night. He said they sent him a small check not long ago but it didn't say "balance" so he cashed it. He thought that maybe they sent the least amount that might keep him doing future work. We are both on to them and don't appreciate the tricks.

    The RAAA! noise was still happening when I got home after the movie but it is not happening this morning. Cro thought that maybe it was an owl… but an owl would not continue to make that noise periodically for as long as it was going on. I never found out what it really was. Mystery!


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