Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bounce bounce - Yip yip - Bark bark

 All of the animals were in rare spunky form this morning. First Loki woke me up by bouncing all over the bed, lying down on my face and sticking his nose in my ear. OKAY! I'M UP!

As I got up to make his breakfast I heard the sugar gliders going YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! etc., in their room. They bark so cute.

Now that all of the animals are attended to and I'm up and ready for the day too, I have some banner ads to tackle and hopefully finish.

First thing though, I uploaded some new advertising art that Matt created for one of the restaurant websites.

Matt also wants us to go see Insidious 2 Thursday evening. Spooky! I love it!

Cro is working mad hours again this week. :( I really hope next week turns out to be one in which he can be home at a more normal time. Not seeing him until 10pm is the sad. I know it is taking it's toll on him too in that he is so tired.

Is anyone else obsessed with Breaking Bad. The last episode is probably one of the best episode of any program I've every watched. Wow.

FaceOff is tonight. Yay.

My attorney let me know that the hearing for that non-paying client issue is next month. Mixed feelings! It's so soon! I thought court cases took longer than that to schedule. I'm nervous but I guess that's silly. The non-paying client issue has been heartache and worry for me for such a long time. I'll be so glad when it's over and hope they can make them pay me. Just because the judge says the company owes me money doesn't mean they are going to pay. Who knows.

Okay, back to work.

My Meals:
- Carbmaster yogurt w/peanuts
- 2 sausage meatballs
- ?

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