Friday, September 13, 2013

da da DAAAA! (like on The Croods)

George Takei posted this one on FB.
Too busy for much of an update. It's Friday… Friday the 13th if that means anything to anyone. I think the Jason cartoons on facebook are funny. :) I wonder if Jason goes around asking people if they know what day it is, sort of like that annoying office-camel.

Well. that day went by quickly. I had a banner ad problem to solve, a new component to implement, and no one was expecting them today so no pressure other than to make enough progress that I can finish up Monday. H63apy (that was Loki's contribution… he walked across the keyboard to tell me It's Eat-up time!!!). Anyway, happy happy. :) It's time to feed all of the animals.

My Meals:
- half serving of Dreamfield rotini mixed with cheddar powder and a couple of spoonfuls of burger florentine.
- burger florentine
- 8 cashews
- dunno - something low-carb. Maybe Carbmaster yogurt


  1. We had a wonderful Friday the 13th.. Details later ;)

    Where do you get your yogurt? Any favorite kinds?

  2. Looking forward to reading about the Fri13 details.

    I find Carbmaster yogurt at Kroger. My latest fav is Tropical Fruit but I love just about all of them. Tropical Fruit is great with a few chopped peanuts or other salty nut. Cashews have been a common mix-in for me since Cro bought a large container of salted cashews at Sam's Club recently.


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