Monday, September 9, 2013


A pic and couple of videos are below.

We allowed the sugar gliders freedom to roam their new play room for a bit while we supervised. It is going to take time before we can get pics of them playing on the new tree. To form, Jagerbar (Jager is the adventurous one) was first out and about to explore while Fuchsbau (Fooks is the shy one) headed to the edge of the bed to hide under the blanket edge.  It wasn't long before they were both floor-swimming excitedly everywhere. They aren't meant for flat surfaces and pretty much waddle their arms and legs while their bellies drag. In future I must get a video of their floor-swimming moves… so cute.

Cro tried introducing them to the tree but they didn't want to investigate yet (see video). We have all the time in the world. It was very fun to experience their excitement. Fooks even climbed up my back, over my shoulder and hopped back to her habitat to climb excitedly over the outside of the bars rather than inside. Jager returned to inside and they played by matching movements (one on inside and one on outside) for awhile. They certainly are not shy of Cro and I which is a good feeling. Both of them find safety in our presence.


Loki rides an elephant.


This week promises to be very busy. I have 3 banner ad projects going on for 3 different clients. I'm sure there will be pop-in work for existing client/projects as well.

I have to make another vet appointment for Loki. His upper respiratory infection has him sneezing lots now. I think he might need another round of antibiotics but we'll see what the vet says. He also needs to have his boy parts nullified soon (shhh, neutered).

The vet wanted to try another round of Clavamax antibiotics for Loki's respiratory infection before we think about using the "big guns" as he referred to a couple of antibiotics that I asked about. Zeniquin antibiotic and the Orbax antibiotic are the two he referred to as big guns since they are more aggressive and have side effects. Hopefully Loki's infection with clear up with a second round of the little guns. I mixed it up and gave him his first dose. He gets another in 12 hours, so first thing in the morning. 

Meals today:
- 2 sausage meatballs
- 5 cashews
- dunno (I need to go to the grocery)


  1. That photo of Loki on the elephant made me laugh out loud. He is adorable.

    Looking forward to videos of the SGs.

  2. Okay, I did not realize how big the sugar gliders have gotten!! That is so cute that she was excited to climb up on top of her habitat. It's always a good feeling when your pets know they are safe with you. They know which side their bread is buttered on!

    Their initial reaction will make it so much more exciting when they are playing on their new toys!

    That's so adorable how they have their own little personalities.

    Hope Loki is feeling better soon!

  3. Grace - When I saw him up there I had to scramble for my phone to take a pic. Kitty on top of an elephant! :)

    Angieloo - They definitely have unique personalities. It's fun to see how the shy one is also the one who barks at night. None of the sugar glider websites seem to know why they bark, but my theory is that because they are colony animals, they bark to let other colonies know they are there. This could both be an invite to potential new family to show themselves, and also could be a means of establishing territory. So bark bark bark bark bark bark bark, etc could mean "We are here! This is our place! Who else is out there? Make yourself known!"

    Just my theory. I call Fooks "The little general" when she is barking like that. Jager will stop everything and listen until Fooks is finished barking. Sort of like how a private in the army will stand at attention until the General is finished barking orders.


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