Friday, September 6, 2013

pets and pics and yay for Friday!!!


It's been relatively quiet this morning work-wise. The big agency client has yet to respond with their client's response to the banner ads I developed yesterday (and Wednesday). The small agency client has some updates for me to do on one of their websites. Done. One of the Texas home builder sites also had an update request. Done.

Now, what to make for lunch? I should probably dry my hair and get the mail first.

Boring, eh?

I was feeling ill last night with a cold or something. Loki was SO INSISTENT that I allow him under the blanket to sleep. I put him off over and over and over and over until Cro said he was just sitting beside me and sighing an exasperated-sounding sigh. That little kitten can seriously sigh in what sounds like exasperation. He does it lots too.

Anyway, I felt guilty for making him angry and so I invited him to crawl in under the blanket. The moment he snuggled in he was ready to play with claws grabbing at my hands and with sharp little kitten teeth play-raking my face. Nope! I'm not in the mood to have my face and hands clawed and bitten anyway, but feeling ill wasn't helping me tolerate it. I picked him up and set him on the floor again. After a bit he did get back under the blanket and settled down for some sleep. Yay! I slept very well too.

Cro's box of wonderful sugar-glider toys arrived in the mail yesterday. He also bought a large rubber mat to put under their new play tree. It's going to be fun to set up the new toys and introduce them to the new play space this weekend! Below is a mov of the glider play room and pics of the play tree that Cro is in-progress of building for them. It still needs end caps on each "limb" and to have the new toys draped on it and then I think it is done!

My meals today:
- handful of cashews
- 2 sausage meatballs
- bacon (because reading one of Anne's facebook posts made me want bacon)
- a ground beef patty with slice of cheese, sliced celery and piquanté pepper (pan seared)

Glider habitat.

The play tree that Cro built for the sugar gliders.

Loki inspecting the tree. Yea, that little black kitty is hard to see.

A box full of new glider toys!

Ha! Is that Loki on the shelf in the closet? No, but good likeness.


  1. Cro is one talented guy! Wow, the gliders are gonna love that playhouse!!!

    Lol @ Loki in the closet... It sure does look like him!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi there, Oct - Thanks for your comment on my long overdue blog post. During that time, I seriously considered deleting the blog altogether, but decided it was good historical perspective for myself to see how far I have come. Then all of a sudden I started to miss writing, so here I am.

    I am so sorry about the loss of your Buddy cat, and all the trauma you went through trying to care for him as his health declined. I dread the day that I lose Buster...even the fact that he is getting older is something I don't like to think about.

    It looks like your new kitty is a handful, but fun! I am curious, don't you worry about him trying to get your sugar gliders? Which look like a whole different kind of fun! I have seen them in the pet stores, and wondered what kind of pets they would make.

  3. Hi Grace! I'm so happy that you are back. I took a blog break too for the summer while my cousin's daughter was here. I kept on reading blogs but was happily surprised to find people still reading when I picked up writing again. I love this little blog community.

    Losing Buddy was very tough and I still feel that teary-eyed burn when I dwell on losing him.

    Loki is more of a handful than I could imagine but Cro says that is just due to his Serval heritage. Wild "big" cats mature more slowly than domestic breeds, he says. He even pops his nose and sniffs like lions do (which is funny to watch). He is a very clingy and loving kitty, despite all of his kitten energy.

    Yes, I do worry about him and the sugar gliders. That is why they have their own room now and Loki isn't allowed in unless they are in their habitat and we are there to supervise. I do know of people that have successfully introduced their dog or cat to their gliders but it's not in the cards for Loki. I'm much too nervous of a "mommy" to ever trust him not to kill them in play.

    The gliders however are not afraid of him at all. I've watched them hang upside-down by their feet and check him out through the habitat bars. They are colony animals so they are always curious and ready to accept new members to the family. I'm the one preventing that encounter! :D

    Woe, I just wrote a very long comment! It's good to have you back, Grace.


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