Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I have sooooo much to do today

Loki's helping start the morning off in distracting, naughty kitten style. At least he is cute. :)


I have even more to do that I thought. First, big agency client came back with a few more edits to the stadium LED that I worked on last week. Next, a large batch of new banner ads have to created for another one of their clients. Then, another stadium LED courtside piece had to take precedence over the banner ads (all the same client so that's easier than juggling two simultaneous client deadlines. Okay, edits made to the first LED. Second LED is finished and sent to client for review. Now I can start on the banner ads.

In the middle of all of that I had to get out an estimate for another client. I'm so happy that I worked my Labor day to get other client's cross-media marketing campaign ready for them to review. (yeah, a third client).

Oh, and I did some updates for one of the Texas home builder websites much earlier today.

Things I still need to do: invoices!!! At lease those are for me, so no deadline… but I have to send invoices to get paid so it's important. :P

Yes, it's a typical day after holiday.

Cro worked lots yesterday too. He went to Lowes to purchase materials to build the sugar gliders a play tree. He came home and then built the play tree (it is so tall… they are going to love it). He also spent a large amount of time sorting out cords under my desk and threading them through a big piece of pvc pipe so the kitty wouldn't drive me mad by playing in the power cords behind my desk. It has been pleasantly quiet today! Cro also spent some time picking out and purchasing toys to hang from the sugar gliders' new tree. I'll take a pic once it's all decked out.

My meals today:
- handful of cashews and CarbMaster yogurt
- 2 sausage meatballs
- Dreamfield rotini and cheese (maybe, if I get that far!)

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