Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Loki on high, burger florentine, and other happenings

Thanks to Angie for sharing the recipe! I made this Burger Florentine. It turned out amazingly yummy! I'm getting so much better at not burning stuff. :) For the first day this week I'm not feeling like I have a cold. Yay! Now, back to work.

My meals today:
- Carbmaster yogurt
- spicy pork rinds
- Burger Florentine
- probably more burger florentine later today

Delicious and low carb! See link above for recipe.

Very yummy.

Loki on top of his kitty tower. Top floor!

If his ears were much bigger he could fly.

Looking down on all my peeps. Okay, just on the one who feeds me.



  1. Loki is such a character!! :) Glad you like the Florentine..

  2. :) I was careful not to burn the burger florentine! It's too yummy.


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