Thursday, September 5, 2013

love those comments

Sometimes it is easy to believe that I'm blogging in a vacuum but then I get a little comment or my husband mentions something that I posted and I know people are reading, no matter how boring this might be.

Today I was surprised to see a little comment from Angieloo letting me know that all this stress is actually a good thing. It is! :) Actually I still have a lot less stress than I did when I worked a 9-5 at that ad agency. It was more like 7am - 5 or 6pm, daily. And EVERY day of my life I worried and prayed that my employment would last.

As Arya learned to say to death, I would say "Not today." (Game of Thrones reference).

I don't have that daily fear now. I'm even mostly over the fear of work not continuing to come my way. It's odd and it's good and knock-on-wood that it continues.

I have a double ear infection today (probably from Loki sneezing in my face). I poured a little hydrogen peroxide in each ear and heard the bubbling so I know it's working. Cro teasingly (I hope he was teasing) asked if I had ear mites. Eek! Loki is being treated to get rid of remnant of mite eggs that are left after his last ear mite treatment. I suppose if people can get them hydrogen peroxide will kill those too. I think it's just a normal ear infection though, brought on by the cold I thought I was getting yesterday.

I worked until nearly 10pm last night. Today is going to be another busy one but hopefully not THAT busy.

Oh, speaking of comments, here is a short and sweet note I got from mom… hand written, no less. Hand written notes are a rare thing it seems.

Hi my daughter, Tracy.

I miss you so very much, love you with everything I am.

I'm canning peaches today. Mowing the grass after dinner. I have a full day. But I want to get this out to you. Thank you for doing this for me. 
Love, Mom.

The note is in response to an ipod shuffle that she wants to have filled with 60's music.

My meals today:
- handful of cashews
- 2 sausage meatballs
- dunno, probably another serving of the same


  1. I've been woefully behind on my blog commenting (been busy canning grass and mowing peaches), but just wanted to check in and give you big high five on all your accomplishments. I'm especially proud of how you've managed to turn a bad situation (lay-off) into a positive one (working at home in your underwear). You're an inspiration!

  2. Oh no! Ear infections? You poor thing.

    Working for yourself is always an interesting bag... that is for certain!

    Love the updates on Loki. Sounds like he is fitting right in around the Cro~Oct household.:)

    Feel better and rest up, Missy!

    Love your pal ~ Loo

  3. Jack - I spelled your name "Kack" at first and had to delete it. Now I'm telling you about it because that's funny. Thanks for the high five. I'm actually still in my pajamas today. :/ Too busy to stop.

    Angieloo - I plan to rest up tonight!!! Stopping work at 10pm yesterday made for a very long day. I finished up banner ads for the big agency and sent them an email 30 seconds before I received an email asking for a status update. lol. I called to make sure they knew the links were just sent.


I nearly always reply to comments. Check back if you are interested.

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