Monday, September 30, 2013

October's eve and pumpkin recipes :D

In honor of my favorite month — which begins tomorrow — I've decided to dedicate this post to pumpkin recipes. I have a couple of links to share and I'm hoping that you will comment with your favorite low-carb ways to enjoy pumpkin as well.

Pumpkin soup - Delicious Trader Joe's pumpkin soup in a little box! I add diced onions, celery and chicken breast. Found on Shelly's blog.

Pumpkin bake - I found this recipe on Angieloo's blog and am picking up ingredients to make it today.

Today is end of the month and so it is Cro's very late day. I guess that now that he is on the database management team and has to do inventory at the end of every month, his late day for October will be my birthday. :( Any volunteers to write me a note to keep me company on October 31st so I won't feel alone on my birthday? ;) Maybe I'll see if Matt can do a movie with me on that day.

My Meals today:
- pumpkin soup
- spicy pork rinds with whipped cream cheese to dip in
- pumpkin soup
- probably more pumpkin soup for dinner

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