Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ooooo-wee! It's Thursday!

My poor honey has had to work very late all week and says he will have to today and tomorrow too. He got home at a quarter 'til 10 last night. I teased him that he would think that I own no clothing except pajamas since by the time he gets home, I'm usually ready to snuggle up with Loki and watch TV. I had a bad dream that he needed to leave for work at 6am and it made me sad. He said that would make HIM sad too. Things change. When I worked downtown I would regularly leave by 6:30 to be there at 7am. I rarely worked until 10pm though!

Now I work from home so don't worry about getting up so early. Working late for me isn't REALLY like working late. I'm still at home. When he works late though. That sucks.

beautiful face

not ready to get up. Photos like this will rock on the new iPhone.

Loki is still in bed so I'll just take a pic of this pic.

How to catch a flying fish:

My Meals Today:
- Carbmaster yogurt with peanuts added for crunch
- Burger Florentine
- Dreamfield's rotini with cheese powder.

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