Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the good, the bad and the bullsh*t

It has been a very quiet week work-wise. I guess I should enjoy the time to catch up on other things rather than worrying about when my next project will come in. I know the film fest work is just around the corner and inevitably it will land at a time when I have other deadlines too.

I forgot to mention Loki's weight at his recent vet appointment. He is 6 pounds even! Buddy Cat was only 5.4 pounds on his last day. Loki is a hefty kitten and other than yesterday he never fails to remind me when it's time for me to fix the cat food. He is much more active today. I felt bad for him yesterday as he slept most of the day. I knew he must be having pain that the prescribed pill wasn't able to handle for him. Not today though. He is back to his normal level of mischief and likely didn't even need that second dose of pain meds.

Cro is still feeling sick and yet working long hours. He tries to explain to me that he doesn't want to but that he HAS to in order to keep his job. I don't like that he works even when sick, but I admire and respect that he does whatever it takes.

I'm still stuffy but not feeling ill. Maybe the cold or flu is just passing over without looking down. *hides behind a tree just to be safe*.

I had such vivid dreams last night. Loki has gotten into the habit of sleeping with his paws or face on my neck. I'm surprised I haven't dreamt of being smothered. Or maybe that is what the dream of falling into a grain silo of cherries was prompted by.

In great news… I think my knee has healed all by itself! I am going to try some recumbent biking to see and I'll update how it went. *update: 20 minutes of recumbent biking and no pain in the knee!

In potential bad news… FEMA is threatening (promising) to bump me up to AE flood zone which means much higher cost of flood insurance. In layman's terms this means my Flood Insurance will cost close to $1500 rather than the $400ish I pay per year. It looks like I am going to have to pay a surveyor to give real numbers regarding the elevation of my house. The survey is going to cost roughly $400 to have done and maybe might possibly mean that I can remain at the lower risk of flood zone rather than higher. This is bull*t but I think it's my only option since no one seems to have records saying what the elevation of my house actually is.

My Meals:
- peanuts
- pumpkin soup
- Dreamfield rotini


  1. Awesome on your knee! I love my recumbent bike... It's the best! I've done it three out of the last four days and it really really helps my ouchie knee feel better. I just throw the dogs up on the treadmills and we do our little workout time. :) Our dogs are getting a little pudgy, so we've added treadmilling to their daily routine...

    I'm glad that you're getting a survey done... 900 bucks a year is a lot!

  2. "Hello, I'm from the Government and I'm here to help"...hah...I think FEMA is a joke.

    Glad Loki is feeling better, but sorry Cro is sick!

  3. Angie - I realized sometime yesterday that "hey! didn't my knee used to hurt? It feels like nothing was ever wrong!". I hope it stays this way. Cro would ask every day how my knee was doing and I was able to tell him that it is s-l-o-w-l-y getting better. But this. Overnight miracle. Very cool. I'm happy to be able to use the bike again. It's so sweet that you are putting your pudgy puppy on a workout routine too.

    Grace - For some reason I think it's my mortgage company that is pushing. Maybe it is FEMA, or maybe a combination. I hope the survey proves that I don't need to pay that much after all. *fingers crossed*

    Loki is back to being a little energy devil. I wish he could give Cro some of that energy to get through the next few days (Monday will be his inventory day, so super late night.)


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