Friday, September 27, 2013

water water everywhere

and not a drop to drink.

I think that is how the old saying goes. It was probably referring to someone stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

My house is the one with the little house icon.
The floodway is yellow. It is SO wrong!
Anyway, it comes to mind today because I have been worrying about the damn increase in flood insurance premiums that the mortgage company wants to make me start paying (like they weren't already expensive enough!). I've been doing research for a couple of days on and off to determine exactly what they are saying regarding the flood zones and risk. What I finally was able to determine is that my house IS is marked in the middle (literally, it splits my house in two) of a floodway on FEMA's flood zone maps. Since those maps are known to be very generalized it is also very likely that the actual elevation of my house could be entirely outside of the floodway. The house itself is on the top of a hill and itsn't tilted so that one half dips into the floodway, lol. The builder did have a level after all… I don't live in the crooked man's house.

Here is the kicker — I have to pay a surveyor to take the real elevation and fill out an official form with his offical stamp of approval before I have a chance of proving that I don't need THAT hefty of a flood insurance premium.

So long story short, we are having a survey done early next week and then hopefully our house will prove to not be IN the floodway and then (yay) our flood insurance premium will go down by SEVERAL hundred dollars.

Yeah, I'm even tired typing about it. The survey guy was very nice though. :)

Okay, lots and lots of Texas home builder website updates today and one call (so far) from my small agency client regarding the cross-media campaign.

Other than that, YAY, IT'S FRIDAY! :) Cro looked so haggard when he left for work this morning. I hope the weekend gets here quickly so he can relax for a couple of days.

My Meals:
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese to dip them in
- peanuts
- Dreamfield rotini later, probably

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