Thursday, October 24, 2013

a TMI heart attack and LOL

Okay, sorry this will sound disgusting but it really wasn't as bad as it sounds. It nearly gave me the proverbial heart attack though.

Loki has learned that he can bull-shove his way into the bathroom if the door isn't shut completely tight. He did just such a thing right after I flushed the toilet and turned to the sink to wash my hands. A few seconds later I heard a huge kerSPLASH!!! and I turn to see a kitten with his front paws splayed in the toilet water as it rushed to swirl down the drain. I immediately reached around his body and lifted him away. I then grabbed a towel from the rack, gave him a quick bath and dried him off as I held him.

His eyes were huge! and his heart was going THUMPA! THUMPA! THUMPA! THUMPA! So was mine, lol.

I think he's too large to actually be flushed but it wasn't a fun experience. From now on I'm closing that door all the way.

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