Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I guess it isn't going to be behind me today after all.

Today I worked on some LED signage changes for the large agency. I love working with them.

Loki is quietly sleeping right now and the possums are too, as usual. One of my downtown friends emailed to let me know that it's snowing there. Wow. Already? I guess it's going to be a chilly winter. I looked outside but the snow isn't here yet (30ish minutes north of downtown).

I picked up a few things to make my dry ground sirloin with hot sausage and red beans. That is one of the things that I habitually made while doing that Slow-carb thing. I might try slow-carb again since it was actually nice to not think about what to have for meals each day. I prepared everything on Monday to last through the entire work week.

Then again, I just read a post about the 7 things that can ruin a good beef stew. In short, don't use meat other than chuck, don't forget to sear it, don't forget to scrape the seared bits and add it to the stew, don't add thickeners, don't sear the meat all at once and crowd it, don't this and don't that and lastly don't forget a crusty piece of bread to sop up the leavings at the end of the bowl. I don't agree with all of the don'ts, but I do want some beef stew now.

My meals:
- Carbmaster yogurt with peanuts
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese
- probably Dreamfield rotini later. Maybe with ground beef and sausage. :9


  1. Does your title mean that your court case has a continuance?

  2. Yes… so now I am waiting for a reschedule date. Thinking about other things. The day goes on and I got some work done that I thought would have to wait until tomorrow.


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