Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dark! Dreams! and Viruses!

It is so overcast this morning that it appears to still be night. Maybe it is and I should go back to bed. No! Tempting though but I can't.

I've been reading Stephen King's new book, Doctor Sleep. He doesn't mean snoozing though. It's Doctor Dirt Nap really. It's gotten to the point with Stephen King where I really don't mention that I'm reading his work. Maybe he's been too successful and too prolific. Perhaps people think of him as the low class person's choice of horror. Ah well. I still think he is an amazing writer and I admire his ability to produce work that I enjoy reading. He is not my favorite author by any means, but I always get excited to hear about a new release from him. Now George R.R. Martin, how many years will it be before you finally finish the next book?

My dream right before I woke was fitful. My friend Matt and I were both kids and had somehow finally discovered keys in an inheritance that we shared. We excitedly ran to the one locked door in an old house, knowing that one of the keys would open it. He tried his key first to no avail. Then I tried mine. We both shouted with glee as it began to turn. Success! The door opened! And inside were two businessmen who were finishing up an epic publication based on the things found in that room. Both Matt and I were appalled. I said "so you have a secret portal focused on this room?" They did. They told us that the contents of the room no longer belong to us, they had full rights in the names of my former employer.

GRRRR! I think that dream was instigated by the court case I have next week against that non-paying client.

So, I'm happy to be awake. That dream was a bummer.

His inner eyelid is showing in this photo but not today.
He is growing so fast! Long legs! Long ears!
Loki has another vet appointment day after tomorrow to evaluate his upper respiratory infection and see if putting him on an anti-viral is advisable. His sneezing and snotting has gotten lots better and his inner eyelid has retracted back to where it belongs. He had a life-long virus but I'm doing all I can to make sure it goes into remission and stays there. But, the vet is helping to be sure I don't throw the baby out with the bath water. (Don't over-medicate him to knock down that virus and end up causing him to suffer damage due to side effects). He doesn't seem to care that he is a sneezy kitty. He is energetic and loving and all that a kitten can be.

My Meals Today:
- Carbmaster yogurt with peanuts for crunch
- dunno
- dunno
- I really don't know yet

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