Friday, October 4, 2013

defective Friday

I think this one has gone bad, send it back.

Today started out all right and hopefully will end all right but this middle part leaves much to be desired.

First, yay I have a new project but boo, the pub is no longer offering one of the sizes and so the client had to X that from the list and asked me to do two rather than three. Not a big deal but I like creating Flash banners. :) I know, boring work stuff makes my blog boring. :P

Next, the survey guy called (well I called him) and he said that unfortunately he had bad news. My basement IS in the 1% risk per 100 years flood area. I still have no fear what-so-ever of being flooded but the bad news for me is paying for a survey of bad news. The insurance payment we were hoping to reduce might still be reduced a little with the real numbers. Our agent is out today so I won't find out what the actual numbers (and maybe still potential savings? I hope. I hope.) will be until early next week. I'll choose to be optimistic.

Lastly, my chopped finger is still stinging a little and I have gross photos to share. I thought it funny how the web cam chooses something to focus on and even if I'm wanting a pic of my finger it might focus on the background rather than the thing closest to the lens. My web cam auto focuses but at least I'm not wasting film like in the oldy days.

I decided that rather than make yummy pumpkin bake with the actual recipe, I would try to use some of the not-so-yummy pumpkin soup in place of a fresh can of pumpkin puree. So, here goes a try for Savory Pumpkin Bake. I started with the Pumpkin Bake recipe that Angie posted, but left out sweetener and added savory pumpkin soup that I had already made with diced onions, garlic and diced chicken breast. Will it be another defective item for my defective Friday? I guess I'll know in about an hour. If it turns out to be good, each piece will be a meal rather than dessert. — The Verdict: YUM! Savory pumpkin-onion-chicken Bake is VERY GOOD. I might make this on purpose again sometime. I think my pumpkin soup failed because it is just too thick. It's almost as thick as eating pumpkin puree straight from the can. :P Savory Pumpkin Bake is a winner though. It's light like a quiche and savory like a chicken pot pie.

My Meals:
- also defective pumpkin soup (I should have stuck with the pre-made soup
- peanuts… defective I suppose because I want more but I can't (too many carbs)
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese… defective because I'm almost out of cc
- I dunno… Savory Pumpkin Bake?

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