Tuesday, October 8, 2013

feed me!

Yeah, that was Loki. "FEED ME!"

He has three days of the big guns antibiotic left to take. I am apprehensive in thinking that it's not going to work. His eyes have cleared up but he is still sneezing lots. We picked up a month's worth of Lycine and he is gobbling up those twice per day like kitty crack. I've done more reading about what other people have had success with and I plan to ask our vet about famciclovir.

Here is just one of the reviews that made me interested in asking about this:
"In order to make a very long story short, I can tell you that we have used famcyclovir very successfully. In fact, every time we have a out break, I just get the prescription refilled and life is back to normal in just a couple of days."

And another:"Then finally we used Famciclovir 125mg three times a day and cured her! Now unfortunately whenever we stopped the drug her sneezing and irritated nose came back so we kept her on a maintenance dose of 250mg once a day. we periodically stop the drug to see if how long before the Herpes symptoms start again - usually within days or weeks. But she has tolerated it very well and has her life back. A happy girl again :)"

And one more: "I am fostering a cat for a local shelter and I've had her for about 9 weeks. She has been sneezing terribly since I got her....I'm talking SNOT ROCKETS! We've tried every antibiotic, did a nasal wash and now the doctor suggested famciclovir, but the shelter didn't have any on hand to give. I offered to fill the prescription, but nearly fell over when Walgreens told me it would be $106! I wanted to share with you that I called around and found it for only $26.00 at Costco and you don't have to be a member to use their pharmacy. I've gotten other expensive medicines there for my pets, so I thought I'd share the information for those of you needing this expensive medicine for your animals. I am off to give my first dose, I sure hope it helps!"

Oh why not:"I'm not sure how effective the lysine is, but the Famciclovir always seems to clear up the symptoms. Nonetheless they get the lysine every day, and the Famciclovir when the more serious symptoms come up."

Okay, enough about kitty for now though he is my world at times.

Cro's new iphone is supposed to be delivered today so I'm on door watch which is pretty easy since the door is less than 15 feet behind me. My new iphone is on backorder since I asked for the one with gold trim and it's oddly in shorter supply. Silly Apple.

The large agency client informed me that the banner ads have been shown to their client for approval. I have been working on a few updates for the Texas home builder client and will get started on the Film Festival website soon.

I called my stylist to reschedule my hair appointment to be closer to the court date. It was scheduled for this Friday! I knew I needed a cut and highlight refresh but had no idea that it was coming up so soon. It is now moved to the evening of the 18th.

After Cro's iphone is delivered I need to make a quick trip to the grocery. Cream cheese, some type of meat and cotton swabs are on the list. Cro has to stop at Sam's Club tonight to pick up some pork shoulder (aka pork butt). He informed me that he made his first catering job sale. His office is paying him to make a large amount of his North Carolina style pork bbq for the party they are having. This Friday!

My Meals today:
- two cheese sticks (colby jack)
- pumpkin spice almonds
- savory pumpkin bake
- pork rinds with cream cheese dip if I get to the grocery
- fried bologna and cheese

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