Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fried bologna

Another brilliant idea. Yes, I liked fried bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. I always had them with bread then but it's still memory lane for me like I did them below.

4 pieces of bologna sandwiched with colby-jack cheese

I fried the bologna flat in a non-stick skillet after giving
each slice 4 cuts from edge to near center, but not quite.

Fried until crispy, then stack them with cheese, dice
into four easy-to-eat wedges and enjoy.
The photos will be so much better once my new iphone gets here.

My Meals today:
- CarbSmart yogurt with a sprinkle of peanuts for crunch
- Savory Pumpkin Bake
- spicy pork rinds and cream cheese
- fried bologna and cheese


  1. OMG! Soooo good. What kind of bologna did you use?

    1. It was good. I used just a regular ol' grocery store bologna. I think it was Oscar Meyer Bacon Bologna. I'm sure there are better ones but it was 1 carb per slice and tasted like being a kid again.

  2. I really want to get some baloney and have some fried baloney. YUMM


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