Thursday, October 10, 2013

get down

…and no I don't mean to the funky music.

Loki's most recent discovery in mischief is that he can jump rather high. Rather high enough to land on top of the stove, inside the refrigerator when I open the door, on top of the kitchen cabinets and the list goes on. This is even more frustrating than when he jumps into the dish washer when I'm unloading or loading and jumps into the washing machine during loading. It's more frustrating because I know he could burn his little feet by jumping onto a hot stove top.

When I was a kid my family had a wood burning stove. My cat loved to jump on top for a nice sleep on the cool surface of the metal during the summer. He got a nasty surprise the first time dad had it stoked and hot on the onset of winter. I actually witnessed the look on that kitty's face when he realized he had jumped onto an unexpectedly hot surface. His eyes became large and he stood still for just a moment as the sensation hit him. (My dad laughed and laughed, lol. Mom and I went running after the cat when he took off to see if he was okay.) We didn't see him for the rest of the day and when he did finally come out he was taking stiff, slow steps and walking as gently as he could on his tender tootsies. Needless to say he never jumped up there again.

But I don't want Loki to learn that lesson the hard way. Does anyone have a suggestion for keeping him from jumping onto things that he shouldn't? I've put "Sticky Paws" double-sided tape on the television stand but that isn't practical for stove and counter tops. I've tried aluminum foil but he likes the crinkling sound. I've also used a spray called "Fooey" when I catch him in the act, but Fooey ended up in the air (and therefore in my mouth and Cro's mouth). Fooey! For reals. Oh, and Loki likes the taste of Fooey.

My Meals Today:
- Carbmaster yogurt with peanuts for crunch
- Pumpkin Spice Almonds
- Maybe I'll make some low-carb chili


  1. Have you tried giving up and letting him jump on any damned thing he wants? Ummmm, that's all I've got...

  2. Yeah, that's where we are right now. :P

  3. I gave up with Abby, but she stays off the kitchen countertops when we are awake.

  4. I have the feeling that he and Abby share a stubborn streak. I suppose I'll just continue to let him know that I don't like that and maybe his desire to make me happy will win over his desire to be bad (laughing at the notion).

  5. Is he scared of loud noises? Instead of phooey, if you honked a loud horn, etc. Although you don't want to traumatized him...

  6. That's a good idea, Grace. I've heard there are kitty repellant devises that make a startling noise in a register that cats hear but people don't. Maybe a startling noise in kitty register will effect him when regular loud noise doesn't seem to phase him.

  7. I would try using a squirt bottle filled with water... Just a thought... and the gf (who is a behavior counselor) says that it's all about the energy behind it... We have several around our house and our guys (though they are dogs) usually remember how to act as soon as we pull it out. Plus, it's harmless.

  8. You are a mind reader. :) Thank your girlfriend for me, too. I have recently begun squirting him with a strong (but pleasant) smelling, No-Tears kids tangle tamer. I also firmly say "NO" but I don't yell or raise my voice. It's the energy, like Ang said. Firm but not threatening and not angry.

    When I say NO and he sees the bottle he stops what he is doing and I don't even have to squirt him anymore.

    I mentioned to Cro that I need to buy another bottle and he suggested that I just refill it with water. Even watered down it still has a "Burst of Sweet Pear" smell. I call it "the smell of discipline".

    Seriously though, I like that I only need show the bottle and he straightens up. And I like that even water does the trick. Thanks Angie-loo!

    I'm also still thinking about getting an automated noise devise to keep him off the counter tops and stove when I'm not in there.


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