Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween is cancelled

…so say the city officials because a big storm is on the way. Matt and I are going to put off our movie and birthday celebration until next week. Cro is working late tonight (inventory is always the last day of the month). And I have a HUGE amount of work to do. I even had to turn down a client who wanted a last minute project done today. :( I just can't fit in another thing. Good problem to have they say but I still feel down about it. I don't ever like having to turn down clients.

It's 6:30 and I'm done working for the day (yeah, I'm not working an 11-hour day just and only because it's my birthday. I think I'll fix the kitten his dinner, fix the sugar gliders their dinner, and fix some Dreamfield rotini for me and settle down in my pajamas to watch last night's episode of American Horror Story for a second time (so good!).

Good night, everyone. Or should I say "Ghoul" night?


  1. If you feel like it maybe we can get on Skype and wish you a happy bday!

  2. :) Thank you for the sweet thought. Could you tell I was a little a little angsty yesterday? It's almost the end of Friday and I'm feeling great about so much work completed!


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