Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HELL (of a lot to do) day

I got up at 5:20 without setting the alarm clock. I had planned to get up by 6am because I have a whole lotta work to do this week. Loki normally wakes me up early so I feed him and go back to bed. This morning I woke up before him and thought "hmm, where is Loki? He must be sleeping next to Cro since I pushed him away a few times." Since I knew I was getting up early I also knew I needed to sleep!

As I started to get up, "oh! Loki is right here sleeping on my stomach." Cute little bugger.

I got up, fed him, got my shower, ate a handful of peanuts and was working by 6:10am. Not bad.

Now It's 9:25 and I have two of the banner ads sent to client for review. 13 more to go! :)

I did take a few minutes to back up my old iphone to icloud and then transfer info from icloud to the new iphone. i this and i that.

I didn't get to play with it long but I did take this nifty panorama of my computer desk to Cro's computer desk (mine=left, his=right). I plan to take much better and much more cool photos in the future! :D

Meals Today:
- handful of peanuts
- too busy to think about it right now


  1. Love the panoramic photo! Did you take it with your new toy? All the work is kind of a great early birthday gift to you if you think about it.... I'm so excited about your bday tomorrow :)

  2. Thank you! You are the first person to wish me happy birthday today. :) The British friend and Matt wished me happy birthday last night and Cro isn't awake yet. Oh, and Loki can't talk but he is sitting on my foot as I type. hehe


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