Monday, October 28, 2013

hurricane bday week

On the weekends Cro often asks whether I have a lot to do in the coming week. More often than not I reply that I don't and yet things pop in and turn that statement around. That happened this week for sure!

I went from only having one responsive website to begin coding (so one homepage) to a flurry of more work from various clients. Cool.

Since Cro is having to put in his late day of inventory on the last day of the month — which is my birthday, Matt and I made plans a month ago to take off a little early (probably 3pm) to see the remake of Carrie and for me to open gifts (yay, so excited!).

One client wants a specific edit that requires server access (so requires me personally) at end of business on Oct 31st and another asked if I have capacity to do 12 banner ads this week. Wow!

After much discussion the server edit will be happening sometime between 7 and 9pm Oct 31 and yes I can create 12 banner ads this week.

So my answer to the question of do I have a lot to do this week. Yes I believe do and I love it. :)

In Loki news, he has started jumping onto the kitchen counters. Since no amount of squirting him, saying no and saying get down seems to deter him I've started a new disciplinary action reserved only for when he is found on the kitchen counter-tops. An immediate quick bath! Oh he hates it! I don't think it's going to take too many baths before he learns to associate what he's doing with the repercussion. hehe

Oh, and my British friend tells me that they are in the tale of hurricane St. Jude. Did they really name one after a saint? Maybe it is hurricane Jude and he was being funny.

My meals today:
- handful of peanuts
- protein shake
- ground sirloin and ground sausage mixed with a few black beans
- probably Dreamfield rotini


  1. Busy, busy busy birthday girl!!! (I have a feeling little Loki will be a very quick study!) I wrote this comment 2x so sorry if it appears more than once... My first one seemingly disappeared.

  2. Both comments came through so I deleted the dup. Loki has 6 mini-baths yesterday and one so far today. He is either going to learn or grow to love baths.


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