Thursday, October 3, 2013

inferior Thursday

Today was a mixed bag. I email the large agency to ask about unpaid invoices (I have no worries about them being late, I know how things can pile up at a big agency. Anyway I also let them know that I'm available for more work anytime they need and BAM! they needed. :) So a new project on a tight timeline is coming my way later tonight.

In other news I went to the grocery and bought pumpkin puree, onions, chicken breast, and heavy cream with intention of making my own pumpkin soup to hopefully match Trader Joe's. I made it and spiced it up with all of the appropriate spices but the only thing I gained was a big batch of pumpkin soup that doesn't taste as good as Trader Joe's. Oh, and I diced into one of my fingers while I was dicing the onion. It isn't bad but I get queasy at blood and cuts and such so I just washed my hand with anti-bacterial soap, blindly dabbed on some Neosporin and covered it with a band-aid. It stings but I think I'll not look at it until tomorrow. :P

I have enough pumpkin soup to last for several days and even though it isn't super yummy, it is low carb sustenance and I will eat it.

Loki isn't sneezing today so maybe the antibiotic is doing some good.

The non-paying client has two more days to get me a check if the attorney is going to drop the court date. I have a feeling we are going to court. :(

My Meals:
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese to dip
- peanuts
- inferior pumpkin soup


  1. I'm proud of you for taking their asses to court. They've certainly caused enough grief.

  2. Grief, worry, sadness at having to be the mean guy and stand up for myself. I may never see another dime from them even if the judge orders them to pay but I hope so.


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