Monday, October 21, 2013

it is SO cold today!

My hearing against the non-paying client is later this week. I'll be so happy to have that life-hurdle behind me.

Loki is still sneezing now and then but it doesn't seem as much nor as violently to me. His weepy eye is also less weepy and the inner eyelid isn't out too far.

We are going to get dust-free kitty litter since by having an upper respiratory infection, clean and dust-free air has to be a good thing. We've decided against the treatment that has 20% risk of kidney damage as a complication. Cro says that domestic cats already have a tendency to have kidney problems as they age. It's not a risk we want to take with him.

I tried to weigh him on the food scale by putting an empty box on top, zeroing it, then putting Loki in the box. He didn't want to sit still so the reading jumped up an down. I think he was 6 pounds and 12 oz though. He was 6.8 at the last vet visit. Growing. Growing. Growing.

Wow, Halloween is next week! I'm excited to see the Carrie movie with Matt! The temperature has dropped so quickly here and is actually a bit BRRRR!

My Meals Today:
- Carbsmart yogurt and peanuts for crunch
- probably a small serving of Dreamfield rotini
- one last bologna and cheese "sandwich" no bread
- dunno

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