Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Cro got home from work at around 1:30am and we didn't get to sleep until 3am. Thankfully he is still sleeping (it's after 9am) rather than getting up to be at work on time this morning. Loki got me up bright and early (or overcast and early actually) to get his kitty breakfast. I also just need to be up and ready for any work that may come in and for a call from the elevation surveyor.

I guess the government shut down as of this morning? For me that just means no mail until they are back up. Since my attorney sent the non-paying client that deadline of Oct 5th to pay if they want to avoid court, I guess that probably means we are going to court (unless they plan to send their check by pigeon). *Update: It looks like it's a partial shutdown and the mail will continue. I wonder how zoos (which will be closed) are going to be handled though. Animals need to have food and care even if the zoo is shut down.

I talked to Mat for a little while yesterday. I offloaded all of our adult cat food and treats to him since Loki is still a kitten and I want to keep him from getting picky by introducing different flavors. Sucks to be a kitten, eh? He eats so well though and his food certainly isn't the cheap stuff. I remember how Buddy would refuse food after he got tired of a flavor (he wasted so much of the things that I bought in hopes of pleasing his super picky pallet). I love spoiling my little fur babies though so I don't know how long I will be able to keep up this "eat this because you don't know there is anything else out there" regime. So, for as long as I can keep from offering him something new he gets Fancy Feast moist kitten food mixed with Royal Canin dry kitten food. Mixing it is a pain but I enjoy it too… he lets me know if I work past his "kitten eat-up time!"

Oh, and the reason I mentioned talking to Matt! He agreed to plan for us to see a movie on the 31st so I don't have to be alone all day on my birthday. He is excited and so am I! I hope both of our work schedules play nice and allow us to not have to change plans.

My Meals today:
- pumpkin soup
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese to dip
- pumpkin soup
- maybe Dreamfield rotini


  1. I think the zoo keepers are considered essential personnel. It's just that the people who run the tours, the cafeterias, gift shops, etc, will not there. The animals will still be cared for.

  2. That makes sense. I could imagine the people who are in charge of animal care would have worked without pay if they had too. Animals being fed and cared for is more important than politics.


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