Wednesday, October 16, 2013

special needs kitty

Loki is back from another vet appointment to review his conjunctivitis. I had done some online research to see what other owners of URI kitties were having success with. Over and over I came across stories of people who had success with a drug call Famciclovir. I emailed our vet and copied several of the reviews and asked what he thought. When he replied I just had a feeling that he had his back up (was resistant) to me making inquiries on things I'd read.

Yep. He started off by telling me that I shouldn't look things up online. After he said his piece I let him know that I was not one of those people who were going to self diagnose and demand treatment based on things that I read. That I was, however, going to read everything that I can and bring questions to him when I see something that I'd like his opinion on. I followed that by telling him that I respect his knowledge and am very happy to have him on our side as we try to make Loki feel better.

It was a total turn-around and the doctor actually warmed up to me and said that he likes that I read about things and bring it to him for opinion. After all was said and done, we have a plan to give Loki Duralactin with L-Lycine for 16 days and re-evaluate. If we find that he hasn't improved, the vet will do the minimal bloodwork needed (inexpensive he says) to assess his current kidney health before we try Famciclovir. He will then re-assess Loki's kidney function after 4 weeks of treatment. Famciclovir has a 20% risk of hurting his kidneys. :(

So, I'm happy to have a vet who is now very happy to listen to us and give us good council. He said he is even going to touch base with a few colleagues. I feel that Loki has a good team on his side.

At the end of the visit he chit-chatted a bit by asking me where we got him. After I told him it was from a breeder near Chicago I asked if he had any other Savannahs under his care. He said he didn't and remarked how unique Loki's features are. I laughed and said yeah, he has the big Savannah ears and long legs. He then said yeah, actually he did treat another Savannah at one time and Loki definitely has that look.

All's well that ends well. I was a bit nervous about this vet appointment but it turned out very well.

Now Loki, clear up that upper respiratory infection! :D Oh, and he is 6.8 pounds. Growing kitty!

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