Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When it rains

Yeah, it's a freaking busy day but that is awesome. Three new projects (two are sizable) and lots of little things for existing projects.

Tomorrow is the court hearing so I'm trying not to be nervous about that. I'm off to Office Depot in a minute to get ink for my printer. I want to print out everything that I gathered regarding invoices, work requests and approvals just so I'm not solely relying on my attorney to have it all. I am the one who knows this situation better than anyone so just don't want to be unable to answer a question if needed.

My little Loki sweetheart found himself a new toy and I just have to laugh. He dashed into that little extra bedroom where we have the sugar gliders set up. Not a big deal, they are soundly asleep during the daytime and he was only going to be in there while I was. I keep a couple of "used to be prized" Beanie Babies on the top of a dresser in that room. I heard a thump and tumble, turned around and Loki had climbed up, chosen his toy and jumped back down with it to play. :D I did what used to be blasphemy in the Beanie Baby world and picked it up, tore off the Ty tag and tossed it back for him to play. That silly kitty always has a new favorite toy but today it's the Beanie Baby. I guess because it has arms and legs and a face with eyes and a nose. He throws it into the air and tackles it where it falls only to roll, hug it with his front feet and kick kick kick it with his back feet. Adorable.

Meals Today:
- heck I don't know (no time to think)
- Carbmaster yogurt
- half a serving of edamame
- dunno!


  1. Beanie babies make great cat toys! Sadie's favorite was a little one from McDonald's It's in her urn with her. Abby didn't care for any of the leftover toys, probably because of Sadie's scent, but she loves her bunny baby and rat which are not beanie babies, but little stuffed toys.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. They love what they love. Hmm, I think I have a few McDonald's beanies downstairs somewhere. And I have Zip the black cat. I may have to go pick out a couple more toys for him. He has SO MANY though. It's just as fun to see what he finds to play with. It's nice that you put Sadie's favorite toy in her urn. It would probably make you sad to see Abby play with it and she wants to make her own choices anyway. :)

  3. I have to tell you, that is one handsome kitten. So funny that he hugs that beanie baby so hard.


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