Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas thoughts (already?)

Cro and I were talking about what to get each other for Christmas this year. I think we are going to pool our money and get something nice for the house. Maybe a new door (or 2) with storm door (our existing doors are great heating/cooling leaks) or a new bed. I like the idea of pooling our money for something that will benefit us together.

Loki accompanied me in to the sugar gliders' room Saturday evening when I was taking them dinner. Although I normally keep him out of that room, both of my hands were full of sugar glider dishes so I allowed him to slip in. Fooks was awake inside her habitat and she jumped the moment he entered the room which kicked in his "catch-it! kill-it! HUNT!!!" instincts. I set their bowls on top of the habitat, scooped up the overly excited kitty and dumped him out into the hall.

After that door was closed with him outside the racket started. YOWL!!!!!! YOWL!!!!!!! YOWL!!!!! I sat with the sugar gliders for a good while and spoke gentle words of reassurance to let them know they are safe and I will never let them come to harm. The gentle tone of my voice finally calmed their fears and they went about business as usual. A frightened sugar glider (at least ours) freezes once she feels she is in a semi-safe place. They only begin to move again when they feel the danger has passed.

My Meals Today [total 19carbs]:
- Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1 carb] sprinkled on top
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese [4 carbs]
- probably a fried bologna sandwich with cheese [3 carbs]
- probably another Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1 carb]
- maybe a handful of Macadamia nuts [2carbs]


  1. Don't waste your money on a new door for Christmas; get something sensible like a new X-Box!

  2. hmm, is that so you will find it easier to bust down the old door and Grinch our X-Box away. lol


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