Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dusty whiskers.

I have opened the door to downstairs and allowed Loki free range of the house (other than a couple of back bedrooms and the sugar glider room.

Of course he was so excited to explore and popped out from behind some stuff stacked in the corner wearing a face full of dust-webs.

I was hoping that having the basement door open would mean we are able to go in and out of our laundry room without always having to play goalee to keep the kitten from going downstairs. He seemed to lose interest after I came back upstairs and was sleeping soundly under the futon until I woke him up for a photo just now.

His eyes were open but he doesn't like the iphone's flash. No Flash please!
Ha! You can see a couple of his blue nail caps.
I worked on updates for two of my agency clients, updates for the Texas home builder websites and started another small website today.

Matt and I are maybe going to see Carrie tomorrow evening for a late birthday celebration. It is almost film festival time so I know he is very busy.

My Meals Today:
- Carbsmart yogurt with 2 TBSP Lecithin granules (supplement)
- deconstructed stuffed pepper (ground beef, sausage, bell peppers, cream cheese, cheese)
- probably Dreamfield rotini

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