Friday, November 8, 2013

finally it's Friday, man

and this one is going by quickly. My favorite free ftp no longer works after upgrading it. Thankfully I had a zipped copy of the old software so I can get through the tasks of today before worrying about what new ftp software I should try.

Loki has been sniffling and threatening to be sneezy again so I upped his Duralactin l-lysine to three time per day rather than two. Unfortunately the little extra made him have an accident of the stinky sort. It wasn't his fault. He used the litter pan as always. Some of it was on his feet when he jumped out though. Ew! Stinky feet. I cleaned it up and cleaned him up and won't be upping that supplement again. He is a happy-go-lucky little guy and didn't know why he was getting another bath. "I've been good!" He has. :)

Cro was laughing last night because I call the kitten "man". Like, "Sorry man, I need to get up." when he is asleep on my lap. I have no idea what started me doing that other than I didn't want to call him Buddy so I needed another pet name.

LOTS of banner ad work today and the film fest starts tonight. If you are curious to see what that's all about just hop over to Matt designed the guide and I put together a quick (relatively quick) website from his work.

Cro is going to try for some vacation time off work. Crossing my fingers.

Meals Today:
- Carbsmart yogurt with lecithin sprinkled on top
- roasted cauliflower
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese for dip


  1. I call Abby my baby or baby girl. She curls up in my lap at night watching tv and I always say, "Come on baby, let's go night night." Then I carry her upstairs to bed. Yeah, she's spoiled rotten.

  2. Awww. Spoiled rotten is the only way for a kitty to be. <3

  3. I usually call my dogs "my baby" or something equally adorable... 'cuz, you know, they are...


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