Friday, November 22, 2013

fried cheese taco shell

Anne's recent posts about fried cheese made me remember how I used to make taco shells out of nothing but cheese.

Cro recently bought a new set of non-stick skillets so that made it easy too! I heated the skillet to high, dropped in a couple of slices of cheddar-jalapeno cheese, waited until it was bubbly, turned off the heat to let it cool enough to flip (it's difficult to flip when it's in a mostly liquid state), fried the other side for a few seconds then slid it onto a paper towel. Before it is completely cool I bent it in half to make a taco shell. As the cheese cools it hardens and can hold whatever shape you have formed it into.

For filling I heated up one of my sausage meatballs but these shells are substantial like normal crunchy taco shells and can hold all of the fixings. If you break one into pieces it makes crunchy cheese chips.

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