Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Cro is home for the 4-day weekend and I plan to not work for 4 days as well. :)

Our morning began with sleeping in. Since I generally wake up before Cro (and Loki before me) I first made Loki's kitten breakfast (Fancy Feast turkey-flavor wet kitten food mixed with Royal Canin dry kitten food) and then watched Flip or Flop. For some reason home renovation programs fascinate me. Maybe because our home was built in 1962 and I'm fishing for good ideas.

After Cro woke up I switched the channel to Swamp People and we wrestled with Loki until he tired out and settled down for a kitty self-bath (lots of fur-licking). A nice, warm, sleep-in morning was a nice way to start our little 2-person Thanksgiving.

We plan to have Thanksgiving dinner at 6pm-ish. Popeye's deep-fried Cajun turkey (which I'm excited to try), sweet potatoes with cinnamon and splenda, green bean casserole and brussels sprouts for me and add mashed potatoes, and rolls to Cro's dinner.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving cooking is that we'll have delicious leftovers for days.

Oops, the turkey is still frozen solid. We are going to have Cro's homemade chili tonight (it already smells great and not yet ready) and are going to make our Thanksgiving diner tomorrow or whenever the turkey graces us with it's readiness. :)

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