Wednesday, November 13, 2013

juggling projects

Yay! (for real) Two new projects came to me yesterday from my client who is a marketing consultant. Yes, it is all on an expedited timeline (due Monday) but it's awesome yet again to be a resource for people who do the selling.

Of course accepting a project on a tight deadline from one client doesn't mean I can turn away pop-in project updates and such from my other clients. Once again freelance is the art of juggling.

Cro came home a little earlier than normal (he had a 12-hour day rather than 14). The other database person he works with called in sick. He was a bit PO'd saying that his vacation time is approved but only if the sick person shows up today. :(

Is it odd that when I read the acronym PO I think of "purchase order" before I think of "pissed off"? Work steps all over my life and makes itself at home.

Oh hai… RU awake?
The kitten wakes me up every morning as though it's Christmas morning. MEOW (GET UP!). MEOW (NO REALLY… GET UP!) MEOW steps on my face (GET UP!!!)

Cro mentioned that he would like some canned corned beef. I've never had that and he says he fries it and then covers it in mustard. ew. It did make me have an odd craving for spam though. I don't think I've had spam since I was a kid, but I remember it was good fried (like fried bologna, lol).

*update: the spam was not yummy like fried bologna

My Meals Today [total 20carbs]:
- Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1carb] sprinkled on top
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese [4carbs]
- 2 bites of spam (ick) and cheese [1carb]
- another Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1carb]
- a handful of Macadamia nuts [2carbs]
- 3 cinnamon flax muffins (recipe on Angie's blog) [3carbs]

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