Monday, November 25, 2013

short week

Matt's 17 year old kitty passed away over the weekend. Needless to say, Matt is heartbroken. From recent experience I know the type of hurt he must be feeling right now. I still miss Buddy Cat.

In other news, I think Loki has broken a toe. He is very energetic and you wouldn't be able to tell that anything is wrong unless you happened to trim his nails every week like Cro and I do. One of his back claws is angling to the side rather than straight. A call to set up a vet appointment was a sealed deal when we tried to trim that claw and he growled a little. Kitties don't like to show pain but I knew it was hurting when he growled. I don't know what a vet can do for a broken kitty toe but I'll find out tomorrow. We think he wrenched it by grabbing his kitty tower when he was falling from the top. We had specifically moved the kitty tree out far enough that we didn't think he would be able to jump for that curtain rod. He tried anyway and found himself falling. Crazy stunt kitty!

Busy day for a short week! I went to Office Depot to have them print two copies of an 85 page pdf of invoices and proof of work (for the court case). Next I went to the grocery and picked up a few items for Thanksgiving and the weekend. Next I went to Popeye's and got a frozen Cajun Spiced Turkey. All that and I worked on projects and another estimate.

My Meals Today:
-  Carbmaster yogurt with lecithin and a handful of peanuts
- 1/4 of a sweet potato with cinnamon and splenda
- probably browned ground sirloin

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