Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Cro didn't make it home from work until 9pm and still has no answer from them regarding his vacation request. Since he asked for this Thursday and Friday, and next Monday and Tuesday I suppose we will know one way or the other in a couple of days.

Snow on the mailbox.
It was snowing when he got home last night and there is a dusting of the white stuff on the ground this morning. I guess November 12th isn't too soon for snow in Indiana but it does feel like winter is rushing this way. Brrr. Happy 11/12/13 by the way! Fun date. ^_^ I guess in Europe it won't be fun until December 11th, 2013 since they record it as day-month-year rather than month-day-year like we do. Next year will be the last of these for awhile here. 12/13/14. The next fun date won't be until 1-2-3003? I'll be VERY old on that day.

I suppose today is going to be another long day. I have the small website to work on and whatever else pops in.

6 months old on Nov. 6th and almost 8 pounds.
My MS has been leaving me feeling nauseated now and then for the last few weeks. It was bad last night even though I wasn't moving. I felt a burst of energy and happiness yesterday afternoon and was hopeful that the lecithin was responsible. I've read mixed reviews. Some say lecithin is a miracle and others say it does nothing. Day 10 is reportedly the earilest day that there will be a noticeable benefit and yesterday was the 10th day that I've been taking it. Wishful thinking? I don't know yet. I'm taking it for the reported improvements to my MS… balance, mental clarity, vision, mood. Some say that it helps to rebuild the myelin coating around nerves (which is what my MS destroys). 

My Meals Today [total 22carbs]:
- Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1carb] sprinkled on top
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese [4carbs]
- a fried bologna sandwich with cheese [3carbs]
- another Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1carb]
- a handful of Macadamia nuts [2carbs]
- 3 cinnamon flax muffins (recipe on Angie's blog) [3carbs]


  1. Is it just me, or would CarbMaster be a kick-ass superhero name. YOUR EVIL PLANS ARE OVER, GRANNY GRAIN; CARBMASTER IS ON THE SCENE!

  2. yum, baloney and cheese

    Ya know, I'm going to have to make those sausage balls that you make soon. They are calling my name.


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